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Chinese New Year

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  5   6  
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1.The color of New Year decorations
6.2009 is this animal's year
7.What you do to your house to get ready for New Year
12.Light this to scare away evil spirits
13.Everyone visits them on New Year
14.Children receive red ones full of money
16.How people feel on Chinese New Year
17.Number of animals in the Chinese zodiac
2.A lion does this in the parade
3.Chinese eat these at midnight on New Year's Eve
4.The whole family wears new ones on Chinese New Year
5.What most kids spend their lucky money on
8.What people wish others on New Year
9.New Year is the start of this season
10.Mythical animal which brings the spring rains
11.Stay up at least this late to see the New Year
13.Always eat this on New Year, because it sounds like "luck"
15.Sweet fruit eaten on New Year

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