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After the Holocaust

Mr. Jenkins

The following words are to be used in the puzzle to complete it. Displaced Persons Act of 1948: Zionism Simon Wiesenthal Nuremberg Trials Mein Kampf Auschwitz Atrocity Birkenau Crematorium Displaced Person Evian Conference Quicklime Refugee SA Social Darwinism Blackshirts St. Louis S S Struma Typhus Wannsee Conference War Crimes Palestine

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1.The agency finally established in 1944 after the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, and others convinced President Roosevelt of the need for it. This agency negotiated the rescue and relief of Jewish and other war refugees.
4.Under the leadership of Himmler, the SS evolved from what was originally intended to be Hitler's personal bodyguard units into the infamous terror-striking force that was essentially instrumental in destroying European Jewry.
11.A conference arranged by President F.D. Roosevelt in July 1938, which met in France to discuss the refugee problem. Since most western countries were disinterested in accepting the refugees, the conference was unsuccessful
15.One who, as a result of a war or another disaster, is forced to leave their place of residence and becomes homeless.
16.Sturmabteilung, the Nazi party's original stormtroopers, called "Brownshirts" from the colour of their uniform. Organized in 1921, they were led by Ernest Röhm, until the SS took over following the “Night of the Long Knives.”
17.A survivor remaining when the war ended on 8 May 1945, and who had no home to which they could immediately return.
19.The perverted adaptation of Charles Darwin's "survival of the fittest" concept of evolution - in which the belief that "superior humans" will eventually overcome "subhuman" species
21.Concentration and extermination camp in upper Silesia, Poland, 37 miles west of Krakow
24.A conference attended by high ranking Nazis, such as Heydrich and Eichmann, which took place on 20 January 1942, at a lake near Berlin. It was arranged to discuss the "Final Solution" and the means to be used to annihilate the remaining 11,000,000 European and North African Jews.
2.Law passed by U.S. Congress limiting the number of Jewish displaced persons who could emigrate to the United States. The law contained antisemitic elements, eventually eliminated in 1950.
3.This autobiographical book (My Struggle) by Hitler was written while he was imprisoned in the Landsberg fortress after the "Beer-Hall Putsch" in 1923
5.An infectious disease carried by lice or fleas that resulted in many deaths in the labour and concentration camps and ghettos.
6.Auschwitz II, originally a camp for Russian prisoners-of-war. In spring 1942, the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies and others began there. Four purpose built gas chambers and crematoria were eventually functioning in the camp.
7.An extremely wicked, brutal or cruel act, object or situation
8.Trials of twenty-two major Nazi figures in Nuremberg, Germany in 1945 and 1946 before the International Military Tribunal.
9.(1908- ): Famed Holocaust survivor who has dedicated his life since the war to gathering evidence for the prosecution of Nazi war criminals
10.A boat that left Rumania in late 1941 heading towards Palestine; it was refused entry by the British. Eventually tugged into the Black Sea, it was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine the following February leaving only one survivor from the 769 Jewish refugees on board.
12.(Hydrogen cyanide) Pesticide used in some of the gas chambers at the death camps.
13.The ovens and furnaces where dead bodies of prisoners were consumed
14.An alkali chemical also known as calcium oxide or caustic lime. A white powder which burns human skin on contact. Several inches of this powder were sometimes placed in the bottom of cattle cars prior to loading in Jews and other victims of Nazi roundups. It has also traditionally been used in the burial of bodies in open graves, to hide the smell of decomposition.
18.After the war, Undeveloped farmland that in 1949 was organized by the United States, Great Britain, and France as Isreal, a homeland for displaced Jews
20.Violations of basic standards for treatment of Prisoners Of War and civilians during war time, which were codified in the Geneva Convention.
22.A refugee steamship that departed from Hamburg for Cuba in spring 1939. Only 28 of the 937 passengers were allowed to disembark in Cuba, 22 of whom were Jewish. Although eventually the remainder of the passengers were taken in by Great Britain, Holland, France and Belgium, their initial rejection by every country, including the U.S., gave support to Hitler's theory that the nations of the world were unconcerned with the plight of Jewish refugees.
23.Political and cultural movement calling for the return of the Jewish people to their Biblical home.

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