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Mr. K

Cossword of the Constitution. People, places, documents, and concepts that made is government of ours.

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50 51 52           53        
54         55              

3.Document signed by King John in 1215
7.This type of trial is guaranteed in the 6th Am.
9.Number of years for a Representative
11.Number of times Constitution has been changed
13.Not to much of this in the 8th Amendment
14.Congressional branch of Government, Article I
15.Forced prayer in schools not allowed
16.King who signed Parliament into existence
19.What group elects the President?
21.Hazelwood had a problem with this
24.Two Houses
26.What the Congres can do if President vetoes
27.Writer of the Great Compromise
28.Plan with congress based on population
33.President of the Constitutional Conventtion
36.Document given to government in the 1st Amendment
37.Girl with the 4th Amendment problems
38.Say it in the First Amendment
39.Given the right to vote in the 19th Amendment
40.Raceland mascot
44.Power in the 10th Amendment
45.Territory settled by the first government
47.Commander-in-Chief of military
49.Who can't stay with you unles you consent
52.To approve the Constitution
54.Island Trees tried to take books, not allowed
55.Ended school segregation
56.Cannot witness against self
57.Protest under the dress code
58.Smaller parts of the Constitution
1.People vote on all things
2.President does if not like bill
4.Add - ons to the Constitution
5.People who were against the Constitution
6.Articles of ________
8.City where Constitution written
10.Power to declare constitutional or unconstitutional
12.Father of the Declaration of Independence
16.Total number of Senators
17.People vote on people to make decisions
18.People who supported the Constitution
20.Freedom in the 14th Amendment
22.Rebellion of Western Massachusetts
23.Court branch of Governement, Article III
25.Presidental Branch of Government, Article II
29.Prohibited in the 18th Amendment
30.Court case dealing with prayer and sports
31.Counting of people every 10 years
32.Part of combo that signed the English Bill of Rights
34.Plan based on equal representation
35.Number of Justices on the Supreme Court
41.Major parts of the Constitution
42.Illegal entry into house
43.Father of the Constitution
46.Allowed to have and free from in the 1st Amendment
48.First capital of the United States
49.Roman legislative body
50.Number of years for a Senator
51.Author of "Life, Liberty, and Property"
53.Number of year for a one term President

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