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Copyright Crossword


This crossword tests your vocabulary savvy with copyright. The answers to the clues all live on the vocabulary page (found on the bottom of the creativerights.org homepage)

have fun!

1 2      
3   4
  5   6     7      
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    16   17   18         19  
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  36   37    
  38                   39              
  40 41              

1.to re-record the elements of a musical recording in a different way
6.the form people sign when they agree to let you use their likeness for a creative work
8.to foretell something; prophesy
9.an audio or video recording that is a composite of samples from other recording, usually from different styles or genres
12.favoring or permitting freedom of action
13.to guard from competition
15.not limited or narrow; of extenisve range or scope
18.the denial to a claim or a charge that is made in court
20.when you asking in writing to use a copyrighted work
21.of or relating to an established law or rule
22.a set of legal guidelines that describe how the public can freely use copyrighted materials without asking permission
23.to change one thing into another
25.a federal law that protects all kind of creative authorship
26.to encourage
28.a free tool that allows you to say "Some Rights Reserved"
29.purposefully; willfully synonym
31.a series of comments, explanations or annotations
32.learning; knowledge acquired by study
33.to set apart for special use
35.to make financially appealing
38.in law: as assertion made by a party that must be proved or supported wtih evidence
39.enacted by a legislative body
40.the reason for which something exists or is done
42.a judicial tribunal duly constituted for the hearing and determination of cases
43.formal permission from a govt or other authority to do something
2.to come to an end
3.to issue for sale or distribution to the public
4.recognized by the law
5.an introductory statement
7.to furnish with a right or claim to something
10.originators of creative work
11.to keep possession of
14.a field of action, thought, influence, etc
16.the fundamental reason or reasons serving to account for something
17.a lawsuit
19.the amount, quality or size of copyright material used
24.to use again, especially after salvaging or special treatment
26.the amount of time copyright lasts, after the death of the author
27.possesing, displaying or based on reliable information
28.poetry, movies, cd-roms, video games are some examples
30.to work out a financial agreement
34.to violate someone's copyright
35.these are not copyrightable
36.a body of persons carrying on extensive transactions in a specified commodity
37.to exercise restraint or direction over
41.this government is not allowed to copyright its creative works

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