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Government Quiz

Mrs. Demers

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1.2 of these members of Congress are elected from each state
4.Is elected every 4 years.
6.Members of Congress elected by the citizens of the US. The number of these is based on the population of a state
7.This branch holds the highest court in our country. These 9 people are judges who make sure that the laws follow our constitution.
9.4. This branch of government makes the laws for the country, decides how much money to spend. It is also known as Congress. ______
11.Part of the Legislative branch. It has the Senate and the House of Representatives
12.The number of judges in the Supreme Court
15.the laws and people that run a city, state, or country.
16.This is part of the judicial branch. People on this court decide whether laws follow the constitution
18.Number of Branches of Government
2.3. The power to rule in our government comes from its citizens, or people. This makes our government a
3.the place where Congress makes the laws
5.The head of this branch is elected for 4 years. This person is the leader of our country,carries out the laws, meets with leaders from other countries, and leads the military
8.The place where the President lives
10.a plan for our government that was created in 1787. It tells how our government is set up. It outlines the MOST important laws
13.the total number of Senators in the Congress
14.The head leader of a state
17.What the president says when he says NO to a law

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