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Government and Economics Review

Miss Derbin

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1.An economy in which government minimizes its interference in business (2 words)
5.A leader of a country who has absolute power and authority
7.An economy that combines features of more than one of the traditional, command and market systems (2 words)
9.Payment for war damages
12.The reduction of armed troops and weapons
17.The executive branch can do this to a bill passed by congress
18.Changes or additions to a constitution or law
21.Laws passed by federal and state governments to prevent new monopolies and break up existing ones (2 words)
23.A perspective, preferance, or inclination that inhibits impartial judgement
25.A situation in which people have the same privileges, status, or rights
27.The act of controlling or directing according to rule, principle, or law
29.An economy in which decisions on production and consumption are based on customs, beliefs, rituals (2 words)
30.People that organize to impact public policy for a business or group (3 words)
33.The job of this branch of the government is to write new laws
36.The interconnections of the market that go beyond national boundries (2 words)
37.A system of government which political control is exercised by all the people, either by direct election or election of representatives
38.Taxes imposed on imported goods
39.A body of fundamental laws establishing the principles, structures, and processes of a government
40.The movement of large groups of people from one country or region to another
41.These can be used to make goods or provide services; they can be natural, human or capital
2.A person's or group's level of material well being, as measured by education, housing, health care, and nutrition(3 words)
3.The head of the judicial branch (2 words)
4.The movement of people to one region or country to a different region or country
6.An economy in which private individuals own the means of production
8.Anything used as a medium of exchange
10.The percentage of a loan that must be repaid in addition to paying the principal
11.A policy of stronger countries taking economic, political, and social control over weaker countries
13.An underlying base or structure for an organization or system
14.This system is to keep one branch of the government from overpowering another branch (3 words)
15.GDP; (3 words)
16.A system of government headed by royalty, whose position is usually inherited
19.The head of the executive branch
20.The purchase of goods or services in the present with the promise to pay for them in the future
22.A policy that involves changing the rate of growth of the supply of money in circulation in order to affect the cost and availability of credit (2 words)
24.A society in which people make a living from farming (2 words)
26.A period of economic slowdown in which there is high unemployment, business failures, etc
28.The job of this branch of the government is to interpret the laws
31.If the president signs a bill, it becomes this
32.A downturn in the economy; not as severe as a depression
34.The job of this branch of the government is to enforce laws
35.Goods sold to other countries

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