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The Judicial Branch

Mr. O'Connor

Vocabulary from Unit 4, Chapters 11-12 of Holt's American Government

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4.judicial intervention
7.____ court: trial court of the federal system
10.the term of a federal judicial appointment
11.citizens impaneled to decide if a government has enough evidence to try someone (2 wds)
12.____ curiae: "friend of the court" briefs written by groups who are not a party to a case
14.____ law: interpretation of the regulations made by departments and agencies
16.serious crime for which the penalty is more than a year in prison
18.formal accusation
22.less serious crime for which the penalty is less than a year in jail
23.____ jurisdiction: power to review lower court cases
25.____ jurisdiction: authority to hear a case's initial trial
28.____ law: laws passed by elected officials, as in legislatures or Congress
29.one of 13 US Courts of Appeals covers a large judicial district called this
30.____ law: body of law based on judicial rulings
33.____ contructionist: believing that the law should be interpreted exactly as written
34.explanation of a judge's reasoning in reaching a decision
35.amount an accused person must deposit with a court to be released while awaiting trial
36.early release from prison
1.written legal argument
2.____ constructionist: believing that the law should be interpreted relative to current conditions
3.chief justice who changed the Supreme Court into a true co-equal branch
5.____ opinion: agrees with the majority outcome
6.questioning of potential jurors (2 wds)
8.complainant in a civil suit
9.authority to interpret and administer the law
12.legal proceeding where the accused is notified of the charge and asked to enter a plea
13.____ law: covers actions forbidden by society's government
15.____ opinion: disagrees with the majority outcome and reasoning
17.____ courtesy: allowing legislators the privilege of approving a nominee in their state
19.limited judicial power
20.Four justices must agree to hear a case in order for a case to be granted this legal writ
21.previous court ruling that serves as a guiding principle
24.sentence where a convicted person is allowed to remain free under supervision and restriction
26.court order requiring a person's presence
27.a court calendar or schedule
31.____ law: involves disputes between private parties
32.____ decisis: upholding precedents of earlier courts

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