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Civics Pre-Final Exam

Katie McCrink

1 2 3 4
5     6               7                           8
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  39   40                        
41           42      

5.the amount depends on the population of state, they are elected every two years, people who serve are representatives or congressmen, elected for a 2 year term
10.the highest elected official found at any level of our government
11.when two people or groups (like political parties) are having a major dispute, argument or disagreement over a very important issue and decide to both give in to get something accomplished
14.something that is unlawful
15.a government controlled by one person, called a dictator, who usually takes power by force, rather than by inheriting it
16.keeps any one branch from gaining too much power
17.a process by which the government must treat accused persons fairly according to rules established by law
18.100 members in the senate, 2 senators from each state make up senate, term of office 6 years, vice president is the president of senate
19.a group of the President's advisors
21.an example that the government officials set that others follow who come after you
22.It consists of the President, Vice President, and the Cabinet. This branch enforces the law
25.to choose the person that you want to be in office and who you feel is best to run the country; your individual decision
28.when you think that your country or culture is the best and better then every other country. Extreme patriotism, support the leaders on everything; blind obedience, whatever the leaders do, you agree with
29.the document written by the founding fathers that outlines the organization of our government, and lists all of the laws and rules that govern all citizens of this country
30.a political system which all people share equally in controlling their government. Basic freedoms are safeguarded in a written Constitution
31.a societies way of regulating relations between individuals and groups of people. A political system is the way the leaders are selected, (or seize power) and the methods they use to govern their people
33.to make an agreement
35.someone who is for something and wants to make a change to the society for better
36.a political system that is controlled by one man or a small group of men that have absolute or total control. The common people have few if any rights
37.a proposed law that must be approved by both parts of our congress
38.an elected law making body
40.protects the five basic freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. They are speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. Our government may not limit the right of a person to speak freely, to censor to printing of books or magazines or newspapers, to give special treatment to any religion or church to restrict public meetings, or to prevent citizens from asking their elected officials to correct problems
41.the term used to describe the government of a dictator
43.the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution that grant our basic liberties
44.the power of the head of the government to prevent a bill passed by a legislature from becoming a law
45.to accuse the President or other high government official of serious wrong doing; to vote them out of office
46.the act that allows law enforcement officials to read your email to learn how much money you withdrew from the bank and ask librarians what books you checked out; it also allows them to enter your house with no search warrant
47.It has the authority over the city or county it represents
1.the presiding or principal judge of a court of justice
2.chief executive of local level
3.It consists of both houses of congress. This branch makes the laws
4.when you try to kill someone important that is in office in secret
6.the presiding officers of the house
7.when the President dies and the Vice president takes over and finishes the jobs that the President started
8.Also known as the national or central level of government. It has the authority over the entire country
9.It consists of the US Supreme Court and other federal courts. This branch interprets the law
12.a court order allowing law enforcement officers to search a suspect's home or business and take specific items as evidence
13.the right of all responsible and law abiding U.S. citizens to own a firearm. This was written into the US Constitution by its framers as the 2nd most important right a free man living in a democracy should possess
20.against unreasonable searches and seizures
23.the use of long speeches to prevent a vote on a bill in the Senate; to kill a bill
24.when you are willing to fight for your country because of love and respect of country. To protect it for what it stands for and to defend it, to question the elected leaders
26.the Supreme Courts power to overturn any law that it decides it is in conflict with the Constitution
27.It has the authority over the state it represents
29.the highest court in the United States. It is the only court that has the power to declare a law unconstitutional, or against what the constitution says
32.chief executive of state level
34.to officially approve the passage of a bill to a law
38.a quality that all effective leaders have, it makes people listen to them, obey them
39.formal agreements with other countries
42.when the congress of the US vote to remove an unpopular law from the public

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