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final exam sewing

sewing, clothing terms

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3.spacial relationship of parts to the whole
4.extremely thin filament of manufactured fiber
12.a person's rank in a group
13.lightness or darkness of a color
15.uses only one hue on the color wheel
16.process of looping yarns together to form fabric
17.run across the crosswise grain of fabric
22.uses three colors next to each other on the color wheel
23.red, orange, yellow
26.two pairs of complementary colors
30.your way of life
32.gives direction to a design
33.wearing garments similar to others
34.the weaving and knitting of yarns
35.visually stand out
37.standards of dress that are enforced
40.based on one dominant neutral and one color as an accent
41.three colors equally distant on the color wheel
44.tool that shows relationship between colors
47.exist in nature
48.make the body appear smaller
49.one primary mixed with a secondary color
1.blues, greens, violets
2.run across the lengthwise grain of fabric
5.choosing clothes that set you apart from others
6.any line diagonal to the lengthwise grain
7.the proper way to cover the body in various settings
8.interlocking two sets of yarns to produce fabric
9.made from filaments
10.equal visual weight on both sides of a center
11.fibers combined to form a continuous strand
14.red, blue, yellow
18.made by pressing, bonding or interlocking fibers together without using yarn
19.line, color, texture, form
20.opposites on the color wheel
21.spinning staple fibers together
24.uses one hue and the two hues on either side of its complement
25.orange, green. violet
27.man-made faibers
28.distinctive outfits that identify those who wear them
29.creates a feeling of movement
31.basic unit of fabric
34.shape of an object
36.the edge of a bolt of fabric
38.center of interest
39.brightness or dullness of a color
42.the way fabric feels
43.an expression of you, can enhance your skin tone
45.another name for color
46.direction the yarns run on a fabric

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