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Sewing Terms


Test your sewing vocabulary! See if you can beat the puzzle!

1 2 3 4
5     6 7 8            
10         11             12
13 14          
15   16    
18               19
    20 21  
22 23           24 25        
    26   27            
28       29          

5.Tapered interior tuck
8.End of fabric
9.Measurement left for seams
10.Finishing stitch
11.Thread pressure
14.Inner pants measurement
15.Zipper type
17.Fabric reinforcer
18.Lower thread spool
22.Enclosed seam
25.Dress shape
26.Decorative gathering
28.Roll of fabric
30.Fiber direction
1.Fabric measurement
2.Invisible hem? (2 words)
3.Manipulation of two curved pieces
4.Shorten pants
6.Nylon Netting
7.Interpreter of design
12.Pressing pillow?
13.Sewer's dummy (2 words)
16.Exterior pleat
19.Adjust fit of garment
20.Seamless sleeves
21.Cutting diagonally
23.Circular fabric cutter
24.Inner garment layer
27.Draped neckline
28.Curved dress seam
29.Stretchy fabric

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