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Family/Individual Health Relationships

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3.practices that promote good health
6.the sum of all qualities a person inherits from their parents at birth
7.the process of acquiring and maintaining physical, mental, emotional and social health
9.a psychological disorder where a person eats very little or refuses to eat
11.physical or psychological tension or strain
12.a person or group of persons joined together by blood or marriage
14.persuasion to conform to by people i your age group
16.the mental picture people have of themselves
17.to pursue obsessively
19.process of sending and receiving messages
22.chemical substance that causes shanges in the mind and body
24.indulging in something excessive
25.forced sexual intercourse
28.shared social activity between people of the opposite gender
29.the mental picture you have of yourself as being equal with others
31.a person's surroundings
32.an intense emotional involvement that begins with sudden strong attraction
33.the ability to understand what someone else is experiencing
34.the ability to share another person's trouble or suffering
35.combined state of physical, mental, and social well being
1.people in a person's age group
2.a person's outlook on life
4.the mantal picture you have of yourself as less than equal
5.monthly process in which blodd is discharged from the uterus
8.expressing ideas to others by using spoken words
10.a group of people who exclude others
13.misuse of drugs that damages one's health
15.manners established by society
18.a person who repeatedly binges then purges
20.in females the time later in life when hormal changes occur
21.the characteristics that make a person unique
23.an obligation or duty for which a person is held accountable
26.the ability to overlook or accept things you don't agree with
27.regular repetition of acquiered behavior
30.special privilege

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