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Typography — Legibility & Readability

Erich Shelton

1 2 3
4 5   6             7          
10 11                          
12                 13              
  14 15      
  18 19                    
20                     21            
  22         23              

5.habits influence navigational tendencies due to this phenomenon (2 words)
8.easiest of typefaces to read
9.alignment which fills a shape
10.easiest color combination background to assure legible type (3 words)
12.adjusting the distance between characters in a string or block of text
13.the space between two consecutive measures of type
16.textual passages longer than a few words
17.how smooth, rough, or sharp we perceive a surface to be
19.the ease with which a reader can recognize and differentiate between letterforms
20.how easily a page of text can be read and navigated
21.adjusting the letterspace between two adjacent characters of type
22.maximum preferred number of typefaces in one layout
23.display text will be optimal at ______ points or larger
24.the space between adjacent words in a string or block of text (2 words)
25.line length
26.larger and/or decorative type used to attract attention
1.body text is optimal from _____ to ____ points (2 words)
2.overall tonal value of a block of type on a page (2 words)
3.alignment which flows along a curved or irregular line or shape
4.when a paragraph begins with a single first line at the bottom of a column or page
6.alignment most appropriate for short or poetic passages
7.how text on a page relates to its margin
11.the space between two letters in a word
14.negative space flowing through a paragraph (2 words)
15.aligns flush against the left and right margins of the text block
17.italic, bold, ALL CAPS, or underlined (2 words)
18.when a paragraph ends in a single last line at the top of a new column or page
20.text that wraps around graphics or textual elements

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