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COM 230 Exam Review

Amy, Angela, Jessica

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4

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1.approach stressing the researcher's responsibility to change the inequities in the status quo
7.variable that is presumed to have effects on another variable
10.a property of systems theory, stating that elements of system are interrelated
12.a specific research method where researchers immerse themselves in participants' lives, aiming to describe people's culturally distinct patterns of communication
13.a system cannot be fully comprehended by studying individual parts in isolation from one another
14.a model of communication based in the simultaneous sending and receiving of messages
16._____ theory is one of resistance to persuasion
17._____ approach is a metatheoretical framework suggesting that theories should follow a format that lists rules in given contexts and should acknowledge variability across situations, cultures, and time
18.distortion in channel, not intended by source
20.questions about how we know things
24._____ concepts are observable
28.a theory that explains behavior of a specific group of people within a specified time or context
32.another small dose of a message to give more support to an argument
33.approach that assumes the existence of objective reality and value-neutral research
34.theory induced from data collection and analysis in a study
35.this type of theory does not exist in the field of communication
38.arbitrary label given to a phenomenon
40.belief in the tangible and psychological costs of action
41.the nature of reality
42.converting raw data to a category system
2.a symbol that represents an object
3.model of communication based on the sharing of meaning with feedback that links source and receiver
4.when two people with different cultural backgrounds interact, they are performing ____ communication
5.perceived ______ is the first step in the health belief model
6.the role of values in theory development
8.labels for the most important elements in a theory
9.criterion for evaluating theory, refers to simplicity of explanation provided by the theory
11.interviews that are semi-structured or unstructured, lasting at least one hour, aimed at collecting rich descriptions from respondents
15.communication organization that traces its roots to the national association of academic teachers of public speaking
16.approach that views truth as subjective and stresses participation of researcher in the research process
19.confidence in one's ability to take action
21.theory about how to develop theory
22.logic that moves from general to specific
23.model of communication based on assumption that message is sent by source to receiver through a channel
25.intellectual traditions that ground specific theories
26.an example of a cue to action
27.intentional choice responses
29.all of the people in a specific category
30.____ feedback occurs when your teacher says "good job, keep up the good work!"
31.criterion for evaluating theories, refers to theory's usefulness
36.the social world consists of names and labels used to construct reality
37._____ research generates knowledge
39.criterion for evaluating theories, refers to breadth of communication behaviors coverd in the theory

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