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Hard Drives

Randy Pitts

Study Guide for Hard Drive Unit

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1.Concentric rings
6.Table that contains physical addresses of all sectors (abbr)
8.Maximun number of IDE devices per channel (word)
11.Target market for 2.5" drive form factor
12.Announciation for high end hard drives; found in server market
15.Another name for low-profile 3.5 inch drive
16.Small Computer System Interface (abbr)
18.Company that produced ST506
19.Average time it takes to reposition heads from one position to another (two words)
20.State of disk surface when new
23.Empty case to make your own external hard drive
25.Type of environment you should be in to open HDA (two words)
26.Reorganizing sector contects to reduce seek time
28.Type of storage -- never fades
29.Opposite of internal hard drive
32.Act of creating a file system
33.Condition when parts of files are scattered around hard drive
34.New bio/chemical process to create recordable surface (first word)
36.The density of bits that can be stored in a given area
37.Environmental byproduct of larger platters and motors
38.Company that introduced first hard drive
39.Small flimsy storage device, outdated now (two words)
40.Permanent storage for cameras & pen drives; no moving parts
42.Very thin coating of magnetic material (two words)
44.Mounted to the outside of the hard drive case -- contains memory and processory functionality
45.Another term used to describe the C drive
46.Operating system that allows 16 daisy chained drives
48.One factor that makes glass and composite preferable over alloys
50.Where data is recorded (two words)
51.Test BIOS performs to make sure system is ready to go (abbr)
52.Interface for Type I, II or III devices (abbr)
54.Microdrive by HP ahead of its time
55.Another term for IDE
56.Glass/Ceremic compound used in disk manufacturing
2.Smallest storage unit on a hard drive
3.The housing for hard drive internal components (abbr)
4.Cylinders, Heads and Sectors (abbr)
5.Exposing disk to vapor for the deposition of metallic substance
6.Time it takes for heads to move from inner most position to outer most position (two words)
7.The foundation in a disk
9.Type of coating; rust colored
10.The set of all rings on all disks at concentric point
13.Memory for hard drives
14.Magnets on the end of armitures found inside hard drive (two words)
15.Faster of the two ATA categories -- first word
17.The attribute vendors like to point out most
21.Contains bootstrap program (abbr)
22.Term used to describe physical dimensions of hard drives (two words)
24.Two or more sectors containing the sequential file data
27.Method of deposity magnetic material onto a disk
30.Dividing hard drive into logical units
31.Changing the polarity of particles, flux ___________
32.High speed external connection
35.Heat and noise
41.Larger capacity 3.5 inch drive used in server market (two words)
43.Early material used in disc foundation
47.Disk found inside the head disk assembly
49.Symbol that replaces first character in file name in the allocation table (word)
51.ATA/133 was the last of its breed (abbr)
53.Largest factor in drive performance (abbr)

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