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Game Design and Simulation

Sharon Lambert

Vocabulary #1.1

3                 4
7                       8
  11                       12

1.the setting in which gameplay takes place (2 Words)
2.the ability to determine what is pleasing to the eye (2 Words)
3.an electronic game that creates an artificial electronic game environment on a video screen (2 Words)
6.the imaginary world created by computers which allows for both realistic and unrealistic events and characters (2 Words)
7.how the together and weaknesses of each member work together to create a better product (2 Words)
10.technical requirements of a job (2 Words)
11.spending more money than has been allocated for the project (2 Words)
14.a computer software program that simplifies the design process converting the game’s simple commands into complex computer code (2 Words)
15.positive reinforcement and offering possible improvements or solutions (2 Words)
16.ideas that will connect player to the action in the imaginary game world (2 Words)
17.math that deals with random numbers and possible outcomes
1.fields of math dealing with shapes, angles, and curves (3 Words)
4.the ability to understand and use the newest computer/game platforms and programming/scripting languages (2 Words)
5.the science of matter and energy; how things like gravity or the path of an object in motion work in the real world
8.a person involved in creating a video game (3 Words)
9.show data in tables or charts. They are useful tools for creating project budgets. Costs and expenses need to be recovered through selling the game.
12.social graces, attitudes, and behaviors that employers want (2 Words)
13.the act of creating a picture in your mind of something that does not exist or is not where you can see, hear, smell, or touch it

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