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History of the Internet

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2.Name of person who first introduced email in 1972,
5.In 1985 Quantum Computer Services is born and later becomes _________.
6.Name of baseball team that had it's website crash for world series ticket sales in 2007.
7.Name of browser Marc Anderson and Jim Clark founded in 1994.
12.Name of the founder of the world wide web.
14.Name for point and clicknavigation. Named after Univ of Minnesota mascot.
15.In 1976 __________ uses email to help his campaign.
17.First artificial earth satellite.
18.Name of school Larry Page and Sergey Brin were attending when they founded Google.
1.Video sharing website created by three former Paypal employees.
3.___________ founded Facebook while he was a student at Harvard University.[
4.City in California that is headquarters for Yahoo.
8.In 1997 NASA broadcast images of _______ on Mars.
9.Free open-content, community created encyclopedia website
10.Name of the NBA team that Mark Cuban owns.
11.In 1984 _________ coined term "cyberspace".
13.Name of college student that invented Napster in 1999.
16.Social networking site set up by a couple of eUniverse employees in 2003.

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