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How Do I Input Data and Output and Save Information?

Robert Olszewski

Input, output, and storage devices.

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3.Transmit data eight bits at a time.
6.Device used to "Speak" Commands into the computer and to enter text. Requires the use of a Microphone.
8.Perform a specialized function. Ex. Esc, PRINT SCRN, NUM LOCK
10.(Digital Versatile Disk). Size of a regular CD and can be played on a TV.
12.software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer.
13.Diagonal Measurement in inches from one corner of the screen to the other.
15.Form characters without striking the paper. EX. Laser printers and ink-jet.
17.Use laser technology to read and write data on silver platters.
19.Enable you to input data and commands into the Computer
20.Number of Pixels or dots that a monitor can display.
21.Enables the computer to give you the results of the processed data.
23.Pointing device that works like a mouse turned upside down.
26.Has pictures of shapes. You use your fingers to "Point" to the desired object to make a selection.
27.Additional keys, Used in conjunction with other keys. Shift,Ctrl,Alt
1.Organized system of reporting information
2.Electromagnetic read/write head which stores or retrieves data in circles. The number of these varies with the type of disk.
4.A tract is labeled and the location is kept on this special log on the disk.
5.Same thing as Jaz Drives.
7.Used for making backup copies of large volumes of data. The tape can be used to replace data that may have been lost on the hard drive.
9.Can store up to 680 MB. (Compact Disk Read-Only Memory)
10.Measures the distance between pixels.
11.Trasmit one bit at a time. A mouse,keyboard, and modem are connected in serial ports. Like a Narrow one-lane Road.
14.Flat drawing Surface on Which the user can draw figures or write something freehand.
16.House disks that are capable of soring tremendous amounts of storage.
18.Used to store digitized photographic images on a CD. The photos stored on these disks can be uploaded into the computer and used in other documents.
22.Mechanism that actually does the printing.
24.Optical disk storage devices that use laser beams and optical technology. Usually used for permanently storing large volumes of data.
25.Located on the top of the keyboard. Used to Give the Computer Commands.The function of each key varies with each software program.

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