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Network Standards and Protocols

Marjorie Marque

This puzzle explores the terms used in various networking models, protocols and standards

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3.Discovering where you are currently
9.Netware's equivalency to IP
12.Protocol that contains a network and a device address
13.TCP/IP electronic mail protocol
14.IEEE 802.3 defines
16.Layer 5 of the OSI model
17.Cables, hubs and connectors
20.Example of non-routable protocol
22.TCP/IP application to remotely login
24.Netware's equivalency to TCP
26.IPX and IP are examples of this addressing
28.Defines transport and session protocols
29.Provides the IP address for a given MAC address
31.Connection oriented TCP/IP protocol
33.TCP/IP application to move web pages
35.Found in the trailer
2.US based society that publishes standards
4.Supports EtherTalk, LocalTalk, and TokenTalk
6.Utility used to display IP address and MAC address
7.Allowing protocols to work together
8.TCP/IP application to move files
10.Advertises services
11.Utility used to display TCP/IP network connections
13.Protocol analyzer
15.Physical address
17.Rules for exchanging information
18.TCP/IP network management protocol
19.Layered structure
21.Error reporting mechanism on routers
23.Identifier with source and destination IP and port address
25.Provides a MAC address for a given IP address
27.IEEE 802.2 defines
30.Documents describing the Internet
31.Defines how long a packet will live in the network
32.TCP's connectionless counterpart
34.Address associated with TCP or UDP application

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