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Spreadsheet Vocabulary

Computer Applications I

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4.used to add identifying information to a spreadsheet
7.justification for titles and column headings
9.square located at the bottom right of a cell used to create the continuation of a data series when dragged
11.this type of chart appears on the same sheet as the spreadsheet it represents
12.used for subcategories
14.a horizontal or vertical line that extends across the plot area of a graph
19.data that contains numbers that may be used in calculations
21.used to compare a cell value to an array of cells and return a value that matches the location of the value in the array
22.makes comparisons and generalizations about groups of data
23.describes the vertical data labels
25.allows the rows and/or column titles to remain stationary on the screen while you scroll
26.returns the number of cells in a range that contain numbers
27.instruct the software to perform calculations
29.the area bound by the values (y) and the categories (x) axes
31.used to validate how data is represented on paper before printing
33.this function returns one value if a condition you specify evaluates to True and returns another value if the condition evaluates to False
35.used to fill a column or row with consecutive data such as numerical numbers
37.default justification for values
38.compares the contribution of the individual items to the whole
39.used in a graph to clarify data categories or values
1.this type of chart may be used to immediately reflect up-to-date changes made to a spreadsheet
2.math procedure of calculating formulas used in spreadsheets
3.applied to cells that require more space when a row or column size is adjusted
5.an enhanced version of the pie chart
6.all formulas begin with an
7.finds how many cells have a value entered
8.data that contains text, symbols, dates, or numbers not used in calculations
10.this object explains the symbols, colors, or patterns used to differentiate the data
13.used to combine adjacent cells or cell ranges
15.compares trends such as the sales trends of 3 departments over a period of time
16.analyzing statistical or scientific data to determine a correlation
17.used to calculate a 30 day due date for a record of spreadsheet invoices
18.an arrangement of cells in columns and rows used to organize, analyze, calculate, and report information
20.used in a graph to indicate data values
23.usually contains the numerical data
24.describes the horizontal data labels
26.this chart component is the main heading which describes the purpose and content of the chart
28.the bottom horizontal side of the graph
30.default justification for labels
32.indicates the relationship of one component or data element to the whole data series such as the percentage of product sales to total sales
34.returns the number of cells in a range that contain any value/label
36.a validated _____ limits data entry to specific choices programmed into the function

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