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Network and Computers Crossword

Nicole McLean and Taylor Cole

1 2
5             6
  10     11
  12                 13  

3.the most widely accessed network
5.a tasty snack
7.used to collect data about a user on a Web page
8.a service that allows individuals with accounts to send messages to each other
9.a service that lets you upload and download files from one computer to another using the internet
12.a security system which keeps out unwanted users and viruses
14.a network that is used by an organization and can only be accessed by certain people
15.an elarged form on the intranet that gives more levels of access to authorized peoples
17.a service which collects data about consumers for marketing purposes
18.illegally copying/distributing programs
1.for example: http://www.hwdsb.on.ca/
2.the ettiquette that is followed when using a network
4.the terms of service that state the safety of your personal info.
6.the transmitting and receiving of data
10.a service that allows you to log on to another server
11.a service which handles the passing of pages between the web
13.a person in which goes into other files and acccounts without the permission of the user
16.a bug in the computer that can destroy files and data

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