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BioGeochemical Cycles

Water, CO2, and N Cycles

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7                         8

1.Can be absorbed in the plant roots; used to make amino acids.
5.energy-rich carbon compound formed from organic matter by long-term geologic processes; example = petroleum
6.these break down animal wastes and dead organisms to recycle the elements.
7.loss of water from the leaves and stems of plants
9.the movement of carbon through the environment
10.CO2 traps infrared radiation; if CO2 levels continue to rise we will have severe...
11.this event can directly convert N2 in the air to NO3 - ; the NO3 - dissolves in rainwater and goes to the soil.
12.the building blocks of proteins; these molecules contain Nitrogen
2.O2 from air and glucose from food react inside our cells to produce CO2 and H2O; sort of the reverse process of photosynthesis
3.producers such as algae and plants take up CO2 from air or water to manufacture carbohydrates for us to eat and Oxygenfor us to breathe.
4.These are nitrogen-fixing____ ; some convert N2 from the air to ammonia; others convert ammonia to nitrates..
8.78 percent of our atmosphere

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