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Coral Reef crossword

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1.Who are the only non natural organims found in coral reefs?
9.Corals share a special relationship with these, provides them with color
10.Coral reef is thought to be this on land
11.I am an invertebrate (no spinal column or internal bones), but look like the human computer
16.Recreationally, growth in sports fishing, scuba diving and boating has increased this on the ecosystem
17.The clownfish is always found with one of these by its side
21.A predator reef fish is called?
22.Coral reef growth is highly dependent on this cycling between humans and animals
23.Coral reefs are lcoated near this, in ttopical oceans
24.What is a coral?
25.Fish and animals that can only be found on and around Turks and Caicos
2.An intudstry that has local and internationally benefitted from coral reefs
3.The gills in fish are used for the this.
4.Joy liquid soap is used to bring this to the ocean surface
5.A major benefit gained from coral reefs
6.Where are they planning a artifical coral reef?
7.Coral use these to paralyse and catch its prey
8.Parrot fish, sea urchins, and small invertebrates, such as polychaetes, are all important reef what?
12.An animal active at night is called?
13.What happens when polyps get stessed
14.The_______ condtions for coral growth are: clear, shallow water above 20c and below 35c
15.A reptile that dates back to the age of the dinosaurs
18.Coral polyps eat these
19.Some corals with no animals or plants are called?
20.A adult parrotfish can produce as much as a tonne of this a year

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