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Ch. 2 - Review - Earthquakes

Ms. Vincent

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2.An earthquake that occurs after a larger earthquake has taken place.
5.This scale rates an earthquake by measuring the size of the seismic waves.
10.When an earthquake's violent shaking turns soil into liquid mud.
11.Block of rock lying below a fault.
12.A fold in rock that bends downward to form a valley.
14.Rock that folds upward into an arch.
16.When rock moves in two different directions causing breakage.
18.A break in the rock of the crust.
20.This scale measures the level of damage caused by an earthquake.
1.Shaking and trembling of the Earth.
3.They carry energy from an earthquake.
4.Squeezes rock until it folds or breaks.
6.This measures the total energy released by an earthquake.
7.Measures and records the vibrations produced by an earthquake.
8.Area beneath Earth's surface where rock under stress breaks.
9.Block of rock lying above a fault.
13.Point on the surface directly above the focus.
15.Causes rock to become thinner in the middle.
16.A force that acts on rock to change its shape or volume.
17.To watch closely.
19.Large flat area of land elevated high above sea level.

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