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SDAI: Parts of Earth, Earthquakes

Mrs. Godwin

1 2
3 4 5                      
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              9 10
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5.Earthquake waves that travel on Earth's surface (the outside of Earth).
6.Solid rocky layer of Earth.
11.The study of earthquake waves is called ____.
13.The hot, weak zone in Earth's upper mantle is called the ____.
15.The part of the Earth that contains water.
17.The greatest earthquake energy release is along the outer edge of the Pacific Ocean called the ____.
18.A vibraton or movement in the Earth produced by a rapid or quick release of energy.
19.Location within or IN Earth where an earthquake originates or starts. Energy is released in all directions.
21.The point on Earth's surface directly above the focus.
22.Solid, iron rich zone of Earth.
23.Earthquake waves that travel ONLY through solids. (SWave=Solids)
1.Earthquakes originate or start from large fractures or cracks in the ground called _____.
2.Records obtained from seismographs are called ____.
3.Earthquake waves that travel through solids, liquids, & gases.
4.The crust of the Earth is devided into two kinds, continental and ____.
5.Instruments that record seismic waves.
7.The part of the Earth that contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, & nitrogen.
8.Another earthquake belt extends (travels) through the oceans called the ___.
9.The part of the Earth that contains rock, soil, & minerals.
10.Molten or melted metallic layer of Earth.
12.Rocks snapping back to their original shape after an earthquake.
14.The crust of the Earth is devided into two kinds, oceanic and ____.
16.The fault zone that separates the North American Plate from the Pacific Plate.
20.Light, outer skin of Earth.

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