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Life Support Systems

Sasha, Adam, and Denys

1 2 3
4 5                                  
6                                     7   8
          11 12  
13                       14
  16   17                            
18         19                
  26 27  

5.A pollutant found in refrigerators and aerosol cans
6.9900 joules per day, the minimum energy intake per person
9.Water-saturated sand
10.Town in Ontario where 2300 people got sick from drinking infected water
13.The type of salination that is often the combination of over-irrigation and drylands. Cities are often located on drylands, leaving the rich soils for agriculture. Irrigation is also now common in cities (gardens and recreation areas).
17.A mixture of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide pollutants reach the Earth in the form of rain or solid particles
18.A type of irrigation system, 95%
21.An irritating gas that forms just above the Earth's surface
24.Removal of salt from seawater
25.The cause of increased amount of UV radiation reaching the Earth's surface
28.The buildup of excess salts in soil, restricting amount of water and essential nutrient uptake by plants.
30.The different sections of the energy pyramid
1.To "feed" with water
2.Type of air pollution resulting from the burning of fossil fuels
3.The removal of soil nutrients and the loss of topsoil rich in organic matter, caused by erosion
4.Occurs when cold air is below and warm air is above, trapping pollution around a city
7.Model that illustrates the flow of energy
8.The maximum production of fish, grain and livestock.
11.Countries that suffer the most from lack of water
12.Also called manioc, a staple in much of Africa. Tapioca starch is made from this.
14.The predicted rise in average temperature in the 21st century
15.Gases that include carbon oxide and carbon dioxide
16.Land that can be used for growing crops
19.A major regional group of plant/animal communities best adapted to the region's environment.
20.The effect of mostly water vapour and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
22.The movement of pollutants from the U.S. to Canada
23.Largest river in China
26.More than enough water
27.Where the Oak Ridges Moraine is located (name the country)
28.Pollution caused by reactions between automobile exhaust and industrial emissions
29.Sea in Asia, where the worst water-related ecological disaster ever happened

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