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S. Zelenko

Terms and facts about the earth's structure

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7.scale to measure the strength of an earthquake
9.rocks formed from sediments that have been pressed into rock
10.it's made up of humus and weathered rock
12.the volcanic belt that encircles the edge of the Pacific Ocean
14.sedimentary or igneous rock changed by heat or pressure
17.acids breaking down rock
20.a trembling or shaking of the earth's crust
21.the point underground where an earthquake begins
22.melted rock
23.the individual substances that make up rocks
24.lava fragments that solidify into rock instantly
1.a break in rock at the boundary between two moving masses
2.an escape vent for underground gases near active volcanoes
3.rocks that form when molten rock solidifies
4.water, ice or windblown sand breaking down rock
5.rocks that bend without cracking
6.a weak earthquake
8.the place at ground level directly above the focus
11.a scientist who studies earthquakes
13.breaking of rock without any movement at the break
15.the innermost region of the earth
16.scientist who studies the earth
18.the boundary between the crust and the mantle
19.top layer of the earth ranging 40 miles to 3 miles thick

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