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Mrs. VH1

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1.this is due to gravity, entire mass slides downhill
7.sediments deposited by glaciers
8.sharp pyramid-like peaks project above surroundings
9.sediment ramp resulting from an ice sheet
13.ice masses that slowly advance down valleys
14.water enters rock, refreezes and expands and breaks off more rock
17.U-shaped valley
20.snaking, sharp -edged ridges
22.thick ice mass that forms over a long period of time
23.small lakes within a depression
25.streamlined hills composed of till
26.zone at the head of the glacier
27.period of time when much of Earth's land is covered in glaciers
28.layers or ridges left when glaciers melt
2.glacial drift that is sorted by weight and size
3.zone of the glacier which loses ice to melting
4.enormous ice masses that flow in all directions
5.bowl shaped depression, surrounded on 3 sides by steep rock walls
6.example of an ice sheet
10.glacier acts like sandpaper
11.balance or lack or accumulation at upper end or wastage at lower end
12.material deposited directly by a glacier as it melts
15.large pieces of glaciers break off
16.snake-like ridges made of sand and gravel deposited by streams once flowing in tunnels under glaciers
18.movement of glaciers
19.a type of glacial flow in which the movement is within the ice
21.lowest elevation in an area that remains covered in snow
24.glaciers are a dynamic agent of this

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