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Science 8 Midterm

Moving Crust


1 2        
3 4                   5
      6         7      
      9 10            
      13 14
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      20 21   22  
  23 24                        

2.a cavity made by the imprint of an organism or its tracks
4.rock formed by lava that cooling on the surface of the earth
6.shell of rock around the surface
7.hot molten rock that flows onto the Earth’s surface
8.type of rock formed by the slow accumulation of small fragments of rock
10.pure, naturally occurring solid material made up of a combination of 2 or more elements
11.rock formed from magma that cooled and hardened below the surface
12.the thickest layer of the Earth
15.vibrations spreading out from the earthquakes focus
18.a visual record of earthquake vibrations
24.- an instrument for measuring earthquake vibrations
25.horizontal layers of rock caused by the slow accumulation of sediments
26.bending and tilting of sedimentary rock layers
27.type of rock formed by the cooling of molten rock
28.An exact date that can be given in years
29.Ten minerals ranked in order of hardness against when all minerals are compared
1.A general rule that determines the relative age of sedimentary rock
2.a type of rock formed below the Earth’s surface when a rock is altered
3.Pure substance that cannot be broken down into other substances
4.the point on the Earth’s surface above the focus, from which earthquakes originates
5.the break in the Earth’s crust along which rock moves
9.- the opening in a volcano where the lava flows through
13.hot molten rock found at great depths below the Earth’s surface
14.a rock that looks exactly like the original shell, bone or piece of wood
16.the point underground where the energy is first released to cause an earthquake
17.The age of someone or something compared with the age of someone or something else
19.measures the magnitude of an earthquke
20.combination of two or more minerals in various protection
21.type of fossil made when sediment slowly fills a mould
22.people who study the Earth
23.the remains and traces of prehistoric organisms

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