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Plate Tectonics

Mrs. Boyle

1 2 3
      6                           7      
    11 12                
  17       18            

4.occurs where two plates grind pass each other without creating or destroying lithosphere
6.the mechanism responsible for producing new oceanic crust between two diverging plates
8.appearance of hot spots and volcanoes at Earth's surface is evidence of...
9.what Wegener could not explain for how continents can move
12.an iron-rich mineral
13.theory that states Earth's rigid outer shell is divided into several individual segments
14.chain of small volcanic islands that forms when two oceanic plates converge
15.rocks that posess the magnetic polarity of the Earth at the time they were formed
16.hypothesis that states continents had once been joined to form a supercontinent
17.deep faulted structure created during the breakup of a continent along a divergent plate boundary
18.scientist who first came up with hypothesis of continental drift
19.Earth's rigid outer layer consisting of the crust and uppermost mantle
20.Earth's rigid outer shell is divided into several segments called...
21.one type of evidence that supports Wegener's continental drift hypothesis that begins on one continent and continues on another
1.comparitively weak layer of Earth's crust that is beneath the lithosphere
2.primary forces that cause plate motion
3.boundary where oceanic lithosphere plunges beneath an overriding continental plate
5.occurs when one oceanic plate is forced down into the mantle under anothe plate
7.plate boundary where plates move apart, resulting in upwelling of material from the mantle to create new seafloor
10.the unequal distribution of heat within the Earth that causes thermal convection in the mantle and ultimately causes plate motion
11.evidence that supports the idea that plates move over Earth's surface
15.supercontinent proposed in the continental drift hypothesis

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