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Rocks Rock!

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1.A silicate mineral or rock that is rich in magnesium and iron.
7.As magma cools and crystallizes, minerals form in predictable patterns.
8.The physical and chemical processes that transform sediments into rocks.
9.Greek for broken. Rocks formed from loose sediments.
10.Metamorphism caused by hot water reacting with rock and altering its chemical and physical composition.
11.Rocks with a low silica content that are mostly plagioclase and pyroxene.
14.The weight of overlying sediments forces the sediment grains closer together.
16.Some minerals in magma melt at low temps while other minerals remain solid.
18.Greek for heat.
20.Magma with 52% - 66% silica content.
22.Transported sediments are deposited on the ground or sink to the bottom of a body of water.
25.Greek for water.
28.Greek for rock.
30.Rocks that are mostly quartz, feldspar and mica.
31.Crystal grains precipitated as water evaporates.
32.Mineral growth glues sediment grains together into solid rock.
33.Magma with more than 66% silica content.
34.Veins of extremely large grained minerals.
2.As minerals form and their elements are removed from the magma, it becomes concentrated in silica.
3.Rocks with a spongy appearance.
4.Metamorphic rocks with layers and bands of minerals.
5.Inclined layers of sediment are deposited across a horizontal surface.
6.Percentage of open spaces between grains in a rock.
12.Metamorphism caused by molten material coming in contact with solid rock.
13.The particle sizes become coarser and heavier toward the bottom layers.
15.Pieces of rock that are moved and deposited by water, wind, glaciers and gravity.
17.Belts of metamorphism created by high temp and pressure affecting a large section of crust.
19.When magma or lava cools and crystallizes on Earth's surface.
21.Rocks are continually being changed above and below Earth's surface.
23.Greek for stone.
24.Metamorphic rocks composed of minerals with blocky shapes.
26.Texture with large well formed crystals surrounded by finer grained crystals.
27.Veins found in S. Africa of peridotite. A good source for diamonds.
29.When magma cools and crystallizes below Earth's surface.

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