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Chapter 2: Weathering and Soil Formation

Mr. Power

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1.Plant and leaf materials on the surface, also called the O-Horizon
10.The practice of protecting our soil resources
12.Organisms that break down the remains of dead organisms.
14.Loose weathered material on Earth's surface.
15.Soil composed of equal parts sand, silt and clay
17.Wearing away of rock by the grinding of other rock particles
18.A thick mat of roots at the surface, hold soil in place and hold onto moisture.
19.A rock that has tiny connected air spaces
20.Plowing that disturbs the land as little as possible.
21.Two factors that affect the rate of weathering are type of rock and _____________.
2.Soil found in the A-Horizon
3.Caused by burning too much fossil fuels.
4.Breaking down of rock by physical means, into smaller pieces.
5.Breaking down of rock through chemical changes
6.Movement of rack particles by wind, water or ice.
7.Plowing along the slop of the land.
8.Freezing of water that eventually cracks rocks.
9.A section of the US that lost much of its top soil to wind erosion.
11.The original source of the soil.
13.Decayed plant and animal remains.
16.Solid layer of rock beneath the soil
18.Soil found in the B-Horizon, composed with clay particles

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