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Storm Vocabulary Words

Matthew Irvine

This awesome puzzle gives lots of storm related words to study. It will help you pass a test :^D

2           3 4
6   7                      
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    12 13 14

2.A wispy type of cloud.
5.A low cloud that when very low is fog.
7.A low, rain producing cloud.
9.When water molecules turn into water vapor.
11.When a fast moving warm air mass catches up to a cold one it is a(n) ____ front.
15.The process by which water molecules turn into clouds.
16.What water vapor condenses into.
1.Any form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface.
2.Condensed water.
3.When two air masses are in a standoff it is a(n) ____ front.
4.A puffy type of cloud.
6.Water vapor that turns to ice outside of the cloud and is less than 5mm in diameter.
8.The most common type or precipitation.
10.When two cold air masses push a warm front up it is a(n) ____ front.
12.Ice particles that form in cumulonimbus clouds.
13.The horizontal movement of air.
14.Water vapor that turns into ice in the cloud.
15.When a warm air mass gets caught up to by a cold air mass, it is a(n) ____ front.

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