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Fun with Geology Terms

Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre

This puzzle is made for the 2007 APEGGA Elementary Science Nights held during the National Engineering and Geoscience Week. Answers available at cmags.org

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2.rock type formed from cooling of molten rock
5.molten rock below the earth surface
6.type of wood which is turned into rock
8.remains or impression preserved in rocks
10.large v-shaped break in a glacier
15.term describes the lay of the land
17.study of fossils and historic life
19.instrument for measuring earthquakes
21.study of rocks and minerals
24.found at the front and sides of glaciers
25.small stream portion of river
26.a hot spring which erupts
28.made up of layers
29.large mass of flowing ice
30.magma reaching the surface
31.breaking of the rock layers
32.large boulder moved along on the glaciers
33.mineral and organic material, also called dirt
1.between the crust and the core
3.rocks formed from the sediments
4.land forms which contains caves and sinkholes
7.eruption of lava to form a type of mountain
8.large rounded hills on eastern side of the rockies
9.wearing away of mountains and valleys
11.upward folding of rock could be a trap for oil
12.very old crab-like fossil found at Burgess shale
13.scientist who studies rocks and features of the earth
14.rock type formed by heat and pressure
16.space between the hills and mountains
18.sudden fault and slipping of rock layers
20.pillars developed by erosion, sometimes have caps
22.large block of the earth's crust
23.downward folding of rock
26.Geological Survey of Canada
27.earth's outer layer of material

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