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Earth Science Vocabulary

Theresa Rosa

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4.a substance, such as coal, petroleum, or natural gas, formed over millions of years from the remains of organisms and used today as an energy source
11.a resource that can be replaced in a short time
12.silt, or soil, good for plant growth because it absorbs water
14.any form of water that falls from the clouds to Earth
15.the third planet from the sun
16.a natural satelite of planets
17.the process by which water is renewed an dused over and over again on the Earth
20.the imaginary line on which the Earth is tilted and rotates
21.a process that breaks down rocks
23.the remains or traces of past life found in sedimentary rock
29.the closest planet from the sun
30.the turning of the Earth on its imaginary axis caused day and night
31.the trip the Earth makes around the sun once every year
32.the movement of the ocean caused by the gravitational pull of the moon
1.to mix very evenly and separate into particles
2.the weight of the air; a cause of weather
3.to reuse materials
5.rock that contains fossils
6.the careful use of natural resourses
7.the change in a substance from a gas to a liquid
8.the process by which a liquid becomes a gas
9.a resource that can be used up coal, oil, and natural gas
10.energy from the sun
13.the process of dropping sediment in a new location
18.the thin layer of air between Earth's surface and space
19.a movement and shaking of the Eargh caused by shifting of the Earth's plates
22.the carrying away of rock or soil by wind, water, or ice
24.the condition of the atmosphere at a certain place and time
25.caused by the revolution and the tilt of the Earth on its axis
26.the force that caused attraction between objects that have mass
27.the curved path around an object, the planets follow around the sun
28.a crackin the Earth where Earthquakes occur

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