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Chapter 9-Volcanoes

Mrs. Weimer

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2.place on the surface of the earth directly above the column of magma called a mantle plume
4.circular depression forming when a magma chamber empties and causes the ground above to sink
7.small, steeply sloped volcano that forms from moderately explosive volcanic eruptions
9.forms when lava erupts underwater
10.volcanos that are erupting at this time are called
11.large, gently sloped volcano that forms from moderately explosive eruptions
15.2 things that magma is made out of
16.deep crack that forms between tectonic plates as they seperate
17.lava that flows slowly forming a glassy surface with rounded wrinkles
18.lava that is jagged
20.a mountain that forms when molten rock is forced to the earth's surface
21.when lava erupts from long cracks
22.an instrument attached to the surface of the volcano which detects changes in angle of slope
1.lava that oozes from a volcano
3.consists of rock fragments created by explosive eruptions
5.most volcanic activity takes place along these
6.pebble like bits of magma that became solid before they hit the ground
7.volcano made from alternating layers of lava and pyroclastic material
8.magma that flows onto the earth's surface
12.molten rock that stays in the earth's crust
13.volcanoes that surround the pacific ocean
14.earthquakes are measured with this
19.funnel shaped pit around the central vent of a volcano

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