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The Weather and the Atmosphere

Gabby Potter

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1.The layer in the stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun's harmful U.V. rays. (2 words)
4.transfer of heat by the flow of material.
6.Responsible for stormy weather. (2 words)
8.Occurs when the temperature difference between cold air and warm air is large. (2 words)
11.A rain-bearing cotton ball-looking cloud.
13.A layer of electrically charged particles in the theremosphere.
15.Winds that blow in the opposite direction of the trade winds. (2 words)
16.Water falling from clouds.
17.Responsible for fair, nice weather. (2 words)
20.the layer of the atmosphere above the troposhere.
22.energy transferred by waves or rays.
23.Process in which water vapor changes into a liquid.
26.The amount of water vapor held in the air.
27.Types of clouds that appear fibrous and feathery.
28.A layer of the atmosphere where space shuttles fly, beyond it is outer space.
29.the temperature at which air is saturated and condensation forms. (2 words)
2.Earth's air, divided into five layers.
3.How full the sky is with clouds, ranging from 0/8 to 8/8. (2 words)
4.transfer of energy that occurs when molecules bump into each other.
5.The measure of the average amount of motion of molecules.
7.A process in which water turns to water vapor.
9.measure of the amount of moisture in the air compared to the amount it can hold. (2 words)
10.the layer in the atmosphere where humans live.
12.This front remains in a particular place for several days. (2 words)
14.A layer of the Eartg's atmosphere that has high temperatures and has the ionosphere inside it.
18.The process where water moves constantly between the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. (2 words)
19.A type of cloud that is puffy and often has a flat base.
21.Drawn on a weather map as a red line with red semicircles. (2 words)
24.Types of clouds at low altitudes in thin, even sheets.
25.lines drawn on a weather map that connects areas with the same air pressure.

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