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Yamilette Colon and Joel Whitlock

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1.Limited loans are awarded through the university at an interest rate of 5%. Repayment begins 9 months after graduation or when the student drops below half time
9.Where do I drop off completed scholarship applications
10.What happens if I don't meet the SAP standards
12.The student is expected to pay the interest while enrolled in school or have it capatialized. These loans can replace ecpected family contribution
13.Where can I find routing numbers and account numbers
14.Where do I go to know if my financial aid has been credited
15.How much does it cost to use the Personal Deferment Option
17.How can you find out your balance
19.What students have to maintain a GPA of a 2.0 on a 4.o grade scale, complete 75% of all classes for which you have enrolled, and complete your academic program within 150% if the prescribed length of the program to meet the academic policy
20.When will I know the rates for the upcoming academic year
24.How many times a year is my academic progress reviewed
25.To calculate your _______ _______ take your total GPA hours earned and divide it by the total GPA hours attempted
26.Do not need to be repaid, applied directly to your college costs, may or may not be based on need, determined by academic achievement and/or financial need
29.When is FAFSA priority date
31.What if I have a scholarship check from an organization outside of IUSB, where do I take it
32.Where can I find information for all IU South Bend scholarships
2.What does SAP stand for
3.How many days before the first day of class do I have to wait to get my refund
4.For full admission _________ students mush have an official high school transcript,
5.Must be repaid
6.What students must maintain a GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale,complete 75% of all classes for which you have enrolled, and complete your academic program within 150% if the prescribed length of the program to meet the academic policy
7.For full admission _________ students must have at least a B average, SAT scores at or above state average, rank in upper half of thier class, GED dcore of 63 or higher, Core 40, $45 application fee
8.How do I make a payment on the web?
11.What is the quickest way to get my refund
16.How will I know if I have been awarded a scholarship
18.When is the application deadline for the fall semester
21.When is the application deadline for the spring semester
22.Part time employment on campus or off campus at approved sites dring the academic yeat or summer
23.Federal loans which the goverment pays the interest on while the student maintains at least half-time enrollment
27.Where can I go for help with my academic plan or degree objective
28.Do not need to be repaid, you must fill out the FAFSA, eligibitlity is based on income, household size, and the number of dependents in college.
30.Where can I find scholarship applications

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