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Ancient Egypt

Tarah Barker

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3     4
5     6   7                    
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2.Writing material used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans
6.was carved with an inscription in three different scripts
8.He was the pharaoh of Egypt, the time of Moses.
11.the belief that there is only one God
13.an area of interest or responsibility of somebody who has more than one interest or responsibility in a particular situation
17.A triangular deposit of sand and soil at the mouth of a river or inlet
19.A group of people who form a social group
21.a member of an ancient nomadic people from western Asia
22.a tale that was told by all of the pharaohs
23.A wife of one of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt.
24.A pharaoh in Egypt
1.a pillar of stone, especially one built as a monument
2.A pyramid where gods and goddess did there worshipping
3.A prominent and powerful family or group of people whose members retain their power and influence through several generations
4.the goddess of fertility
5.An eye disease in which the lens becomes covered in an opaque film that affects sight, eventually causing total loss of sight.
7.A copier or transcriber of documents
9.the king of Sparta and husband of Helen of Troy
10.A writing system that uses symbols or pictures to denote objects
12.A ruler of ancient Egypt
14.A historian that studies Egypt
15.To preserve the corpse of a person or animal for burial by embalming it and wrapping it in cloth
16.Willow tree with long flexible stems used in making baskets and furniture.
18.A preposition indicating that something or somebody is surrounded by people, things, ideas, or circumstances
20.A ancient god in the time of Egypt

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