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Crossword Activity

Hardeep Bassi

1 2
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3.Expanded Egyptian empire to the greatest size.
4.White crown represented the power.
5.The Theban Kings initially ruled at Thebes and eventually moved their capital to
8.Lake Moeris is at the centre of an oasis known as the
9.was the first king to unify Egypt.
12.Led the Israelites our of bondage in Egypt.
13.A man whome historians have called a genius.
17.The ultiamte symbol of power in the Old Kingdom.
20.The plan changed _____ to build the period.
21.Ruler of the Middle Kingdom.
22.Came to power as a young child.
25.Great beauty who seduced Ceaser than fell in love with Mark Antony.
26.Greatest monument to Solomon's rule was the
27.was ruled by a monarchy symbolized by the red crown.
28.The goddess and symbol of the equilibrium of the universe.
1.The 150 year period, when there was a different reign in Egypt is known as
2.The area in which the Nile empties into the Mediterranean Sea is known as the
6.Ruled in her own right for a significant period of time.
7.Ancient Eygptians' form of writing.
8.Over __________ objects were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.
10.Most important geographic influence on Egyptian culture and civilization.
11.Bliever in one god.
14.The type of Pyramid Imhotep built.
15.Nickname given to Tuthmosis III due to his many military campaigns.
16.The sun god and chief god of the Egyptian pantheon.
17.was the Golden Age of Egypt
18.Brought Egypt its last period of peace and stability.
19.Attempted to replace traditional religion with a monotheistic religion.
23.The earliest pyramids were a series of ________ stacked one on top of the other.
24.Remembered for the Great Pyramid at Giza that was built as his burial tomb

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