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Pharaoh Words

Olivia Genereux

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1.The rulers of Ancient Egypt were called _____.
3.Pharaoh ____ ruled during the Middle Kingdom.
5.The Egyptians _____ their pharaohs.
6.She was the first woman pharaoh.
9.The pharaohs had many of these to glorify their powers.
11.Where the White Chapel was built.
12.The pharaohs built a strong _____ to run Egypt.
14.Pharaohs built ____ monuments.
15.The longest river in Egypt.
16.Pharaoh ____ built the Great Pyramid.
1.A large triangular-shaped monument.
2.This pharaoh ruled during the New Kingdom, he had over 100 wives.
3.The ____ Sea is a large sea in Egypt.
4.The Nile River is conected to the ______ Sea.
7.Where Pharaoh Ramses II built his temple.
8.Where the Great Pyramid was built.
10.Monuments were built to show Pharaoh's powers and ______.
12.The pharaohs built monuments to ____ their powers and successes.
13.Pharaoh Hatshepsut promoted this.

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