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Suez Canal

Stefan Bauer

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    10               11 12
15 16 17    
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2.where things that csailed across the canal.
4.When a country has no more money.
6.the people who wanted the canal built most.
8.new stuff that makes it easier too do some things.
9.the place where everyone wanted to sell stuff.
10.a new type of boat that uses steam. (2 words)
13.money that is lent to someone with an interest.
14.The killing of one person in particular.
18.something that is to be sold.
19.Was the kings son who aloud the build of the canal.
25.The capitol of Egypt.
27.Ptolemys daughter and a pharaoh.
28.the company who had the canal. (2 words)
29.One of the citys on the canals ports. (2 words)
31.The force that is used in all the wars.
32.one good thing and one bad thing.
33.this happend too many slaves.
1.an extremest groop who killed anwar sadat. (3 words)
3.Is where the ships stay.
5.The ruler of a set place.
7.from this country the peacemakers came.
11.many of these died in the build of the canal.
12.a thing to stop water from overflowing and for power.
15.From each country to protect the suez canal. (2 words)
16.Took over Egypt and ruled.
17.Second king of Egypt. (2 words)
20.are digged and the filled with water.
21.Used to transport merchandice over water.
22.Is a country that did not want the canal for Egypt.
23.The northern port on the suez canal. (2 words)
24.the egyptian builder and pharaoh.
26.king of Egypt that got assasinated. (2 words)
30.The country where the canal is in.

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