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Egypt Vocabulary and People

Kevin Tidwell

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1.capital of Egypt's Old Kingdom, located on the Nile near present-day Cairo.
5.New Kingdom pharoh who drove the Hyksos out of the Nile Delta and reunited Egypt.
6.an ancient city in Upper Egypt that became the capital of the New Kingdom.
8.a group of lands and peoples ruled by one government.
10.west of Thebes in ancient Egypt, the burial place of 30 New Kingdom pharoahs.
13.the word pharaoh actually refers to the
17.an ancient Egyptian name for an area of Africa south of Egypt.
18.a very fertile, flat land made of silt left behind as a river drains.
21.a mixture of tiny bits of soil and rock.
23.the southern part of Ancient Egypt.
25.a kind of paper made from papryrus, a reed plant growing along the Nile, thet the Ancient Egyptians used for writing.
26.the joining of seprate parts into one.
2.the economy of a country is the way people manage money and resources for the production.
3.an ancient kingdom south of Egypt.
4.the ancient Egyption system of writing thet used symbols to stand for objects, ideas, or sound.
7.the practice of one owning another person.
9.a diagram illustrating the divisions within a culture; usually showing the most powerful person or group at the peak and the least powerful group at the bottom.
11.the northern part of Ancient Egypt.
12.Egyptian pharoh who built the Great Pyramid.
14.one of the few people Egyptian pharaohs; orginize a trade expedition to Egypt's southern neighbor, Punt.
15.The watering of land by means of canals or pipes.
16.king of Upper Egypt who united Upper and Lower Egypt.
19.the world's largest river, which flows northward through East Africa into the Mediterrian sea.
20.a group of people who go on a trip for a specific reason.
22.a professional writer who kept records and copied letters and official documents
24.an ancient kingdom in northeastern Africa, conquered by Egypt. It later regained independence and flourished through trade between c. 500 B.C. and A.D. 150.

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