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English Food

Mr Shaw

  2 3 4
5                       6   7
      9   10      
13   14     15

5.Savoury pastry served in a semi circular shape filled with meat and vegetables (2 Words)
8.What is shaped by Englands climate, geography and history?
11.Almond flavoured tart
12.Sausages served with mashed potato (3 Words)
13.Type of sauce with a picture of the Houses of parliament on the front
16.A lunchtime meal of bread, cheese, pickles and salad
18.Pie with mashed potato on top filled with beef
19.A meal traditionally served in newspaper. (3 Words)
20.Pie with mashed potato on top filled with lamb
21.Tea served with scones, jam and cream (2 Words)
1.England's _______ heritage resulted in a view that its food is bland.
2.Pie with mashed potato on top filled with seafood
3.What is Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) commonly known as? (3 Words)
4.Named by the Earl of the same name when eating his favourite food between two slices of bread.
5.Known as creme anglaise in France.
6.Long curled sausage
7.Extremely smelly blue cheese
9.Sponge pudding with sultanas (2 Words)
10.Meal made from sausages and Yorkshire pudding batter (4 Words)
12.Sausage made from pig's blood. (2 Words)
14.How many sausage varieties are there to be found in the UK? (2 Words)
15.What is the name often given to best restaurants in smaller towns?
17.Meat obtained from deer

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