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Queen Victoria and Victorian Age Crossword

Abby O'Brien

See how much you know about the Victorian Era

1 2 3
7     8            
    10                     11
12                                 13  
17             18      

4.How many years was Queen Victoria on the throne for? (2 Words)
6.The social class below the industrial workers which lived in poverty; also called the sunken people (2 Words)
7.Queen Victoria had the __________ reign in English history.
9.How many children did Queen Victoria have?
10.Pulmonary tuberculosis of the lungs
12.The year of the Liberal victory that was helped produced by the industrial workers. (3 Words)
16.Disease caused by human waste in the drinking water.
17.1857 thousands of __________ troops in the English Army revolted; attacking their white officers and english troops who were in India
19.The trousers worn by men (3 Words)
20.In 1852 trouble in __________ with the native peoples who didn't want to be part of the English empire
21.The __________ Act of 1867 lowered monetary requirements for voting, it enfranchised male urban workers.
1.Famous author; wrote The Pickwick Papers and Great Expectations (2 Words)
2.The book written by Charles Darwin that challenges the orthodox thoughts and beliefs; Darwin proposes his theory of evolution by natural selection. (4 Words)
3.An undergarment set with strips of whale bone worn by women to exaggerate ones small waist
5.leader in Parliament (2 Words)
8.Name of the world's first industrial fair in 1851 at the Crystal Palace, London; contained 100,000 exhibits that displayed the variety of products produced by the Industrial Revolution; symbol of Britain's success (2 Words)
11.The dome shaped skirt women wore that were used to hold the skirt extended into a fashionable shape (2 Words)
13.What was the Conservative Party called?
14.know for his theories on sexuality and repression; studied hypnosis to complete his theory of the mind; published his theory on hysteria (2 Words)
15.In 1900 group of individuals in __________ wanted to kill all Europeans in their country
18.Queen Victoria __________ the size of the empire

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