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Animals (English as a second language - beginners)

Ulla Neill

The answers are all animals!

1 2    
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13             14

2.It barks and it wags it's tail when it is happy.
5.A cat usually have 3-5 of theese young ones.
9.It has white and black stripes and it looks a bit like a horse.
11.It is said to be the king of animals and it is a big cat.
12.You get milk and beef from this animal.
13.It is very heavy and grey, and it has a long nose.
15.They have a curly tail, and they are usually a kind of pink.
1.It is said to have 9 lives and it says "Meow".
2.It loves water and it says "quack-quack".
3.It's big and brown and it lies a lot in the water. It lives in Africa.
4.It is very long and it has no legs.
6.It has a very long neck and can be 6 metres tall.
7.A cow's young.
8.You can ride on it, and cowboys use it when they work.
10.It can fly and have many different sizes.
14.It has yellow and black stripes and it is a big cat.

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