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At the Pharmacy

Thomas David

This is an ESL vocabulary activity based on Linguaphone Student's Book 3 Unit 4.

1 2 3
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4.the exact amount of medicine prescribed by the doctor
5.signs that point to a particular disease
7.what the doctor writes for you to buy at the pharmacy
12.a word for surgery when you go under the knife.
14.pain in the head
15.feeling of sleepiness, which may be caused by certain drugs or medicine
18.when a woman has a baby inside her belly
19.a general word for an unhealthy condition
1.also means to "throw up"
2.measure of heat or coldnesss, either in Celsius or Farenheit
3.where you are brought in the hospital in case you had a car crash
6.terrrible feeling the day after you drank too much
8.the shot or the needle the doctor or nurse gives you
9.where you buy medicine prescribed by your doctor
10.when you clean up your throat (involuntary) as there's some phlegm in it
11.a specific word for an unhealthy condition with specific symptoms
13.feeling dizzy and liking to throw up
15.where you buy over-the-counter medicine and other personal items, like film.
16.pain and discomfort when you spent too much time in the sun
17.an attack or condition when you caught flower pollen, cat fur, ate crabs, etc.

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