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Idiomatic Expressions in English

Leigh Weber

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3.If something happens out of the ________, it happens suddenly and unexpectedly.
7.Lucy is a very down-to- ____________ person. ( = realistic, not pretentious)
8.Sorry, I'll have to take a __________. (= you decline an offer, suggesting you will accept it another time)
12.I don't work directly with Mr. Smith, but I see him now and _________ in the office. ( = occasionally)
13.The tip of the ____________ is the part of the problem that can be seen, with far more serious problems lying underneath.
15.That's my story, in a ___________. (when you give a concise summary)
16.He was so excited he was talking a mile a _________. ( = very quickly)
18.Absence makes the heart grow __________. (when 2 people are apart, their love grows stronger).
19.Don't ____ the small stuff. (don't worry about trivial or unimportant issues)
1.I have a lot on my __________ right now. (= I am very busy and have a lot of commitments)
2.A _______ for your thoughts? (= what are you thinking about?)
4.I'm feeling a little bit under the __________. ( = feeling sick)
5.My boyfriend doesn't work, so I am the one who brings home the _______. (= I earn the money)
6.Coffee and beer are both what we call "_________ tastes" (=you don't like them the first time you try them)
9.Break a _______! (= good luck!)
10.It's time we teach little Johnny about the birds and the _________. (learn about sex)
11.I'll keep my eyes _________ for your keys! (I'll stay alert or watchful for your keys)
14.My little niece is cute as a ___________.
17.If someone rains on your __________, they ruin your pleasure or your plans.
18.I don't want to spend much time on this file. I have bigger ______ to fry.

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