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ESL Word Search

Alan Subola

These are words from our ELS class. Some words may be from stories from other periods, but you may still be able to guess them!! Good luck!

1 2 3
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4.A person who loves money and hates to spend it.
7.An evil creature or spirit that makes trouble for humans.
9.Totally soaking wet!
11.What you should bring to cass everyday ( for writing).
12.The time when farmers pick their crops
14.When water rises over a river or body of water and covers the land
15.Wild or savage, like an animal or warrior
16.empty, not lived in.
1.Cheap, not generous
2.A place for religious worship, similar to achurch.
3.When a fuit or vegetable becomes ready to eat.
5.Wrecked or destroyed
6.The ceremony when people gather to say goodbye to a dead person.
8.A person in a story is called this.
10.A piece of clothing worn to protect your shirt and pants from getting dirty. A cooks wears this.
13.to scatter water or a liquid all around

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