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Alas Babylon Crossword

By Brad Subler

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50               51          

2.__________ beat up Jim in Dr. Gunn's office.
4."Alas Babylon" is a literary __________.
5.When Randy and Lib were married, Randy wore his _______________.
7.There are _____ missles each SAC team has control of.
8.Who said, "Small nations, when treated as equals, become the firmest of allies"?
10.The end of the _________ was when the Berlin Wall was destroyed.
11.In the freezer, meat, _______, and ice-cream were spoiling.
12.The _______ is 4ft. thick and weighs 10,000 pounds.
14.SAC controls the country's _______?
16.Porky Logan is buried in a ___ coffin along with his treasures.
22.The ____________ states everything has a different value since nothing can be replenished.
25.What does "A" in Nato stand for?
27._________ died from a gunshot wound to the stomach.
30._____ thought of the idea to using Rita's truck.
33.__________ owns the Ajax Supermarket and dies of radiation.
34.________ owns the Tropical Clothing store.
36.Edgar Quisenberry' s bank is called ____________.
38._______________ started the war.
39._________ was from Standard Station.
40.Where Mark was, specifically, at the time of impact of the bomb?
43.Randy ______ attend the Easter Service at Marines Park.
45.Two places in Russia that were bombed were Moscow and ___________.
46.When you talk on a Ham Radio, you have to use ________.
48.Fission is when atom ______.
49.SAC headquarter's call sign is _______________.
50.There are five ________ on each missle.
51.People in the Soviet Union have repored cases of _________.
1.__________ liked to sing and dance while cleaning.
2.The date in the journal in which Randy found the location of salt was ____________.
3.The peacekeeper is stored ___ ft underground.
6.What type of time is the same everywhere?
9.Mrs. __________ still tends to the flowers after The Day.
13.__________ was the only highwayman who originated in Ft. Repose.
15.Who does Mark get his information from?
17.What counts radioactive material in an area?
18.Two-Tone, Malachai, Ben, and _______ helped Randy hook up the artesian well.
19.What does "T" in Nato stand for?
20.Fusion is when atoms ______.
21.The beekeeper, _________, and his wife was killed by the highwaymen.
23.What is the end of civilization called?
24._________ caught huge fish just by asking Preacher Henry how to catch them.
26.The prisoner was hanged in ____________.
28.When you have a(n) _________ nothing can contaminate the water.
29.Preacher Henry's first name is ____________.
31.Lavinia died after being in a(n) ______ hour coma.
32.Bill Cullen, better known as "__________", has radiation poisoning.
35.____ people need to turn the key to launch the missles.
37."They want to win a war without a war." is a _________.
41.Marine's Park has been turned into a church, ________,and assembly hall.
42.You have to have an education on __________ to talk on one.
44.The peacekeeper (bomb) is a(n) ________.
47.Malachai drives the truck at ________ mph through most of the journy.

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