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King Arthur

Briana Shutley

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2.What is a gisarme?
5.What did King Arthur command Sir Bedivere to throw into the water?
6.How many times did Sir Bedivere betray King Arthur before he threw his sword into the water?
8.Who warns Arthur of his death?
11.The hero must undergo a _____ from his/her foster parents.
13.The quest of the hero is for a ____
15.Who is King Arthur's sister?
16.The hero must undergo an ______ process to prove him/her-self worthy.
18.What was waiting for King Arthur at the water?
20.Who was the hermit that Sir Bedivere met?
22.Sir Thomas Mallary was the author of what story?
26.Where does Gawain cut the Green Knight?
27.While Arthur and Sir Mordred are meeting, a knight draws his sword to strike a(n) _______.
28.The woman who gives Gawain the gift is the wife of whom?
30.The hero finds a wise man or woman (_____) who will teach him/her secret skills and knowledge.
31.Morte d' Arthur was given it's name by what man?
33.Mallary escaped custody by swimming in a ____.
36.Historians believe Thomas Mallary was jailed for crimes such as ________.
37.The hero often undergoes a descent into a _______ or hellish place
38.Where did Mallary probably write Morte d' Arthur?
39.The hero must set out on a _____, a journey of danger and adventure.
40.Arthur is in what relation to Gawain?
1.Mallary forged the Arthurian legends into a visionary cycle of bold ______, spiritual quests, and heart rending betrayal.
3.Mallary translated and adapted what texts?
4.The author of Morte D' Arthur spend much of his life in _____.
7.Gawain claims he is the _______ knight.
9.The mentor often presents the hero with special gifts or _____
10.Arthur is instructed to take a treaty with Sir Mordred for a ______.
12.The hero's journey causes a __________ in him/her; s/he is never the same again.
14.Who tried to talk King Arthur out of spearing Sir Mordred?
17.s/he must pass by a _____________ and defeat it's obstacles or difficulties
19.Who is the green knight looking for when he first comes in?
21.The hero is usually a_________
23.The green knight striked at Gawain how many times?
24.Caxton published Morte D' Arthur after the author did what?
25.Gawain must receive his cut in a ______.
29.Who was going to strike the green knight first?
32.What does the green knight have at home that he is willing to give?
34.Gawain receives a ____ from a woman to help him against the green knight.
35.Sir Thoman Mallary was a convicted _______.

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